Voices of the future

Voices of the future is a program run by MFC, tries to louden unheard voices and bring youth together to work on change.

We train students in schools and universities, on producing participatory videos, to address key issues in their communities.

A participatory video is a form of participatory media in which a group or community create their own film. The film-making process can enable participants to take action to solve their own problems or to communicate their needs or simply to be creative and tell stories

A participatory video is a powerful tool for students that strengthen their research skills, teach them teamwork, enhance their dialogue and communication
skills and boost their creativity.

Since making a video became easy and accessible, Participatory video is an effective tool to engage and mobilize marginalized people.

Work with us is a 20-minute film produced in collaboration with communities around the world as part of the Participate initiative
participatesdgs.org). The film recorded over 6 months in 7 countries provides an opportunity for some of the most marginalized people to communicate directly to decision-makers.

The middle section of the film ( 8m 54 sec - 12m 08 sec) shows the process of making a participatory video, and how it is empowering for women in Occupied Palestine.*


Media For Change- MENA, focuses on creating a platform for changemakers journalists, bloggers and social media influencers in the MENA region.

We believe that Media and New Media are the most powerful tools in defending human rights and protecting freedom.

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